Panda Backpack

Okay, so who does not like Panda’s? Ok. and what about Doritos.. okay okay what about Mini Oreos now.. put all 3 of those together and you have the amazing backpack from Sprinkles Tell me im losing my mind over how cute this thing is.. not only does it come in black and white it comes in 5 more colors !!! So, I’m sure you wondering does it have a resizer in it does it fit good.. of course it does… and to my suprise it fits really good and it works great with my A/O So.. grab your allowance and run down and buy this cute little guy they all need new homes and they come with snacks!!!

What I’m Wearing:


Hair-Doe: Puddin (Solid) /UNrigged/ – Blondes

Outfit-. tiptoes – Breezy – Black (This included the shoes and comes with glasses)

Glasses-.tsg. Shy Megane – Black *deco*

Tongue-**Cute Bytes** Tongy LIGHT – animation2

Eyes- IKON Triumph Eyes  – Field


Lashes-//LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes <Eyeliner> <Tintable>

Skin-{LPP} Mai *Pearl* Special Edition

Body- My own




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