Number Two

Okay, So i know what your thinking is she doing what i think she is doing in this photo??? Yep, im sure if you have been in second life long enough you have felt this same very way hell even in real life we meet people that are just crappy maybe its a friend maybe its sl family maybe even a ex if your a big reading this and you know they seem great at first and then they turn out, well.. just not what they seemed it sucks and hurts and sometimes we want to take out are feelings in maybe harmful ways hell some might even want to kill them selves(please dont) I know anti bullying is a huge thing right now its on tv shows (i just watched one were it was about that) and media everywhere please dont kill your self by this pose or maybe take in boxing in real life. Laughing helps me and this pose so did that . It’s called Pooping on mommy’s bed which i found pretty funny my self, but i have a weird sense of humor i have been told. So if its not for you okay well maybe you might want to at lest know what im wearing, which duh.. im going to tell you of course along with where you can find this pose oh and.. it comes with the poop 😀


What I’m wearing:

Pose-Winter Ravens : Pooping on Mommy’s Bed (marketplace)

Shirt- dl- Peeking sweeter

Skirt-.dl. // pleated skirt in noir

Hair-Doe: Puddin (Solid) /UNrigged/ – Blondes

Glasses- SLXOutfit: Glitter – Glasses

Shoes-t.O. Little Wednesday Shoes

Skin-{LPP} Mai *Pearl* Special Edition

Eyes- IKON Triumph Eyes – Field

Cat- JIAN :: A Very Kitten Christmas – Calico Kitten (gatcha item)


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