Ready For Spring

Anyone else tired of the cold weather or maybe the snow, I know not everyone is having there winter right now my Second life sister is having a very hot summer in Australia which is neat and strange cause im in the states and its cold here.She also has no a/c i don’t know how she does it I could never sleep when it’s super hot here she is cray cray.

Anyways…I found this new place to take photos and saw thease flowers and was like oh man i got to take a photo! I also got this amazing outfit which also has flowers on it from Plum also one of my new favorite stores all her stuff is amazeballs I might end up buying like everything from there so be prepared to see alot of blogged stuff from her store. I guess im ready for spring I keep looking at and buying things with flowers on them, I don’t think im a very flower person but the way the outfit was done it was perfect for me and I’m a sucker for anything black and white. I guess that’s all for now I hope your all having a wonderful day 😀


What I’m wearing:

Hair- Truth Ximena

Outfit- Plum -Nira OutFit Leather

Shoes-Winged Platforms {Kid} – White

Skin-{LPP} Mai *Pearl* Special Edition

Teeth and Dimples- {LPP} Baby Teeth + Dimples

Glasses-.tsg. Shy Megane – Black *deco*

Pose- Exposeur – febgift15-2 (in store its free :D)

The Black Cat- Birdy – Hocus Pocus – Mr. Bigglesworth – Black  (gatch item)




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