Donuts and Coffee

So I know what your thinking its going to stunt my growth,”Coffee bad don’t drink it”!!! It’s funny as a child i loved coffee and i was allowed a little bit of it (not as if i needed more energy as a child 😀 ) never did stunt my growth i’m 5’8 now and  if anything i had really bad growing pains not sure it was from the coffee but i don’t see the harm in it, but ask me this when my little one asks for a cup in a few years i might not be that okay with it maybe decaf he is already a handful wish i could drink up his energy . Now The reason im blogging this is because its Free! Yep all you got to do is subscribe @ Label Motions and you get the coffee and the donuts it comes with 4 poses the shop is amazing they even have past subscriber gifts in a box for 50L I love subscribers because it don’t eat up a group. On to what im wearing this dress is super cute yes thats R2D2 on my dress I know I know nerd alert!!! But i don’t care im a nerd and proud of it this girl makes amazing stuff we became friends and im demanding she make more stuff you can find her stuff on Market Place which yes i will be linking down below so click the link and check out all the other great outfits she has Ta Ta for now.

What I’m wearing:

Outfit-{fawn} My Star Wars Dress

Hair-Blues. Allie – Naturals 1

Glasses- LooP *nurd glasses / nose / GoupGift

Skin- VCO ~ Pony

Freckles Moles and Teeth-{LPP} Baby Teeth + Dimples +moles

Shape- My own

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