Purple Forever

So March is going to be a big big big month of Gatcha’s and Events for Bigs and Smalls . I’m so excited there is nothing like getting that rare and getting to wear it proud. I love this hat its the rare from Sprinkles and it has Unicorns on it and its purple, It was like she made it just for me 😀 It’s a rare for a upcoming event in march @ ATP (which stands for allergic to pink or addicted to pink) Sprinkles made two rares the other is pink with candy on it it’s also super cute but im a purple girl all the way. Now along with the two rares to win you also get a chance to win 5 common ones which are also cute there is a panda one and stars and even a cat one for you cat lovers, also at this event she will be also offering a food tee gatcha which is super cute the shirt has a small pocket to hold candy Ad down below to check it out 😀 so you don’t want to miss this event Starting March 1st 😀 .Now along with that Sprinkles is also in a event where you can grab those adorable cute socks im wearing they are the rare rainbow ones which i just adore Now you can win them  at the Grabby Hands Gatcha  This event  starts March 7th The socks come in 5 common colors which all are super cute they also come in a resizer script which was super nice and works really good 😀 So I don’t know about you but start saving up that allowance your going to so need it.

What I’m Wearing:

Hair:/Wasabi Pills/ Poppy Mesh Hair – Seafoam

Skin- VCO– Pony

Shirt-:BoWillow: Toddleedoo Yoga Tanks – HUD (white) @Tous Les Enfants (gatch event)

Pants-:BoWillow: Sweatpants – POWDER – TD (kid) @Tous Les Enfants (gatch event)

beanie gacha adfood tee gacha ad.png


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