Rainy Day

So I know it’s not April Yet.. you know “April showers bring May flowers ” *Giggles* but Lazo made thease adorable rain boots and i had to share them with you, there at the march Kid to Kid event if you have never been to there events there amazing and they even have a VIP group which you can join and you get in a few days before it opens its so worth it and there is even group gifts 😀 and you know how i love me some group gifts. But if you can’t get there the rain boots will be at her store sooner or later so you can’t give me a excuse on why you did not get them.. OH and.. thease things come with a color hud you can make them match any outfit which i love but the black ones are my favorite !! The Umbrella is a Gatch from RO which if you have not ever been to there store you got to go see what they make it’s so cool and i think they might have the umbrella gatch in the store now this was a past event from last year it’s a kitty one 😀 Okay that’s it for now Toodles


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