Just a Swinging.jpg

So i felt like taking a nice swing and man was i up high but don’t worry i did not fall .. this time 😀 I just love spring minus the running nose and itchy eyes but you get bunnies and candy *noms on her peep* and bright colors like this amazing outfit I’m wearing from Razzberry Inc & { petit Macaron } Not only does this sunsuit come in this teal color but there is 6 other colors to choose from i know im not wearing purple shocker! But i wanted to match my cute little teal glasses and to match my whale friend I have not named him yet if you got any ideas for a cute name hit me up 😀 I got thease two gifts from the Vicarious Youth Easter Egg Hunt there is so many prizes for big kids and littles its a must do hunt and super fun and easy its all over the sim so grab the family or friend or hey do it alone but go do it before it ends!!!

What I’m wearing :

Hair- YumYum-*barberyumyum*49 (Blond)

Outfit- Razzberry-{ petit Macaron } -Mae Sunsuit (Mint-Dot)

Skin- VCO– Pony

Glasses- Gift from Hunt Link above

Easter Peep- Gift From Hunt Link Above

Whale on Head- Gift From Hunt Link Above


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