So me and one of my best friends Rose were at the beach again. I was having a great time until she thought i needed the dreaded sun block … dum dum dum … I hate the stuff it stinks it gets in my eyes and i just hates it but she swears i was turning into a red tomato i felt fine but after a few run arounds and me screaming and debating  i lets her put it on me, butttt I got Ice cream while she did it so i guess it was not so bad. Bonus of the day I  got to wear my new swim suit from Lazo this thing is so cute it comes with a hud so its like a zillion bathing suits for one price you can change the front part to one color the base another the straps even another color the options are endless, so run down to the store and head to the beach .. I will see you there!!! (with a white nose)

What I’m wearing :

Hair- YumYum -*barberyumyum*73 (blonde)

SwimSuit- ~LaZo – Swimsuit – Kid

Bucket-<:*BoOgErS*:> Beachy Chair Blue Crab (it’s the box and i used it for the photo but so cute to play with and carry around the chair is also amazing will blog that later)

Doggie- Gatcha Item Alchemy/Birdy – Chi Chi Chihuahua – Bow – White


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