Working up to Lucky 7


Why don’t all cats look the same? Because, they don’t want to be a copycat! 

Hiya!!! So these are my 3 Cats Toast is the black one, Cheeto is on my head, and the one on my leg i have not named him yet. I want 7 total, I love the number 7 . Speaking of 7 the  Lucky 7 Event is going on right now cause its the 8th and  Lucky 7 is Open every month from 7pm slt on the 7th to the 27th! So many 7’s in there 😀 Do you see a trend here ???? So.. why go to the event welllll the outfit im wearing is from ToddleTeeZ and what is great about this event is that if you play the machine you just might get the item for free!!!! How cool is that if you have never been to the event you best go and try to win this outfit cause how cute is it!!! It comes with the top the shorts and the shoes to match 😀 Also if you never been to there store you should go check it out They have this super duper cute group gift for this month this purse its a bunny and the group is free to join. While your there look around they make some other amazing clothes!!!

What I’m Wearing:

Hair-Doe: Puddin (Solid) /UNrigged/ – Blondes

Outfit-ToddleTeeZ – Poppy {Pink} (Info On the outfit Up above)

Skin/mouth- VCO-Pony

Glasses- Sorbet– Lovely Lunettes [Rose]

Cats on head and on leg- JIAN :: (thease both are gatcha kittys )

Pose-[Expressive Poses]-Moa 2

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