So Friday Night is Pizza Night, Mommy was away on a trip so it was just me and auntie we had so much fun we laughed and giggled and she let me have as many slices as i wanted it was the best. I even got soda and then later some candy and we watched scary movies and we stayed up super super late it was the BEST! I love my auntie, I know mommy won’t be happy with me doing all those things but what mommy don’t know won’t hurt her right?? hope she does not read this *giggles* I got to wear a new outfit as well it’s from Lazo at the new event called Once Upon A Child starts May 5th-28th. The Shirt and Pants Come with 12 Color’s in a  hud so you can mix and match the outfit also pizza stains do come out 😀

What I’m Wearing:

Hair-Yumyum-*barberyumyum*61E (anime)

Shirt-~LaZo – Summer Top – Baby

Pants-~LaZo – Summer Legging

Skin/mouth- VCO– Pony

Eyes- Ugly Duckling-Expression Eye covegreen

Check out my Auntie Blog for what she is wearing :



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