Tiny Trinkets & Tic Tot Toe @ Color me Cute.jpg

So Camp is right around the corner and mommy said i needed to start packing but i have like two weeks to go why would i pack when i can eat chips and nap with my Kitty Smore’s

So like i said there was so much at Color me Cute and i wanted to show you guys more this outfit is from Tiny Trinkets Called…On Vacation Which maybe that’s why i used the new Rainbow pillow rare from Tic Tot Toe to take a nap also you can get this item at Color me cute.  I think I will tell Mommy no packing im on vacation see that is what my outfit is called so me needs to nap nap nap *giggles* Also I wanted to let you know The show’s im wearing are from Tiny Trinkets as well thease are at Limited 50 so that means you must go like ASAP! Before there all gone so hurry hurry go grab them they match so well with this outfit!!!!

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