Camping with Big D

Hi Guys! So me and my Big D went camping today it was amazing he let me make smore’s I ate and ate until my belly hurt and my fingers stuck to everything *giggles* Mommy says I smell like Camp Fire not sure what that smells like i guess it smells good cause i think i smell fine 😀

I’m even sporting my new Camp outfit which is From Sprinkles called Summer Camp Outfit its the pink one and you can grab this at Junes  Kid to Kid and She made these amazing new Flip Flops in Pink which are a common Gatcha item at Junes  Grabby Hands Event as well they go great together .

So if your wondering where you can pick up your own marsh mellow items well You can grabs the items at Tic Tot Toe the bag you can hold i just have it by the fire cause i already grabbed one 😀 you also get a stick to hold it’s a must for summer camping or sleep over partys! The Camp Fire Set up is from Trompe Loeil – Pop-Up Camping Scene August which you can grabs this at the June Arcade round or at the store later on . The playing Puppies are also at the Arcade this June –+Half-Deer+ Chihuahua – Puppy Playtime.

Well I better get going guys Big D said he is going to let me catch Fire Flies whatever those are I hope they don’t bite 😀 Toodles.

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