Me and the dolls

How can you tell if a mummy has a cold?
He starts coffin.

Hi Guys! Sorry I have not been posting as much as normal i have been super sick mommy made me rest a lot i’m getting better but as you can see I still can’t fully get out of bed yet so i thought i snuggle with my dolls and wait until i get the okay to go out and play. That’s okay tho you guys can run down to Color me Cute this June round tho which is where my amazing outfit is from  {Blush.} Lark Outfit – Mint she made a few other colors but this outfit went great with my new slip on shoes which also another item from ~*Buglets*~ TD Kristie Sandals [Mint – Dots] I will be showing more items from the Color me Cute event they put out so many cute items thats for sure. Okay well i better rest some more so i can play later. Toodles for now xoxox

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