Blush at Dreamfull

Hi Guys! Well I’m here to tell you about this amazing new event called Dreamful which starts July 2nd ! Dreamful is an event based on a dreamy things, blossoms and romantic cuteness for both kids and adult avatars.The event is for customers who loves pastel colors, spring and romantic styled items like: clothing, hair, accessories, skins, pets and much more. These will be new  100% original mesh and textures for the event thing you have not seen yet and these dresses im wearing are from Blush the one on the left is {Blush.} Flora Dress-Pink the one on the right is the exclusive Flora Dress Pink Just for the event once the round is over you won’t be able to find it in the store along with the dresses you can pick up a matching head band and shoes to match there are other colors of course but the only way to see those colors is you must go down and check out the event *snickers* Keep a eye out for more post on this event there will be much more to come from other amazing designers !!!

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