Hi Guys! So its super cold outside and everything has snow on it even the playground was covered in snow. But mommy say’s it will soon melt and then i can swing again until now i guess i will just have to wait and find other ways to play.

On a brighter note at lest i look super cute in my new outfit my dress and shoes are from Paper Damsels The Dress is called The Yumi Dress which is hud driven so there is so many way’s you can wear it you can grab this dress at the new round of Ninety Nine. The Shoes are a gatcha item in the gatcha there is two rares to win and 6 commons there all super cute the ones im wearing are called  Artemi You can play the Gatcha at this round of Color me Cute .

My hair is /Wasabi Pills/ London Mesh Hair which you can find at this round of Ultra So there is so much to shop for when it’s to cold to play so grab your penny’s and run down to all the events. See ya guys soon ~Toodles~

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