Once A Butterfly

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Hi Guys! Have you ever thought you might be something else in another life or maybe you just pretend for a day you might be able to fly? I was trying to catch this Butterfly for hours and hours and finally i gave up and put my hand out and look it came to me! So maybe it thought i was a pretty pink flower it could be this amazing dress or maybe it was the flowers on my hat … either way it was so cool to be this close to this butterfly.

Well if you like to dress up and try to catch your own butterfly’s run down to  La Boutique it opend on August 7th and this Dress is made by and called…The Turducken ToddleeDoo – High Tea Gown and Hat (comes in other color other than pink) It’s great for tea party’s or running threw flower’s and catching butterfly’s like me 😀

The Hair I’m wearing is  Blues. Misty .The rest of the items are gatcha’s sorry guys Butterfly – +Half-Deer+ Forest’s Tale – Sweet Butterfly. The Pearls- =Zenith=vintage pearl necklace with key . 😀

I Scream You Scream… Ice Cream!

IScreamYouScreamIceCream edited

Where do you learn to make complicated ice cream dishes?

Sundae School.

Hi Guys.. *licks her ice cream* Sorry I Can’t share mommy says it spreads germs *giggles* But I can tell you where you can grab this amazing ice cream tho it’s hidden in the clouds 😀 But also you can pick up this amazing pose with the ice cream included at XoXo Summer Treat Gatcha Poses it’s part of the Ankle Biter Gatcha event this is pose 6 which is a common me and my friend Annie had a blast eating ice cream with Poly and Neskers they work this amazing truck and guess what they gave us Free Ice Cream it was sooooo good tasted like heaven .

The Truck is from The Loft so you can even work your own stand if you want 😀 What are me and Annie wearing you might ask ? Well these are the new adorable outfits from Tip Toes Lazy summer outfits from the July round of Ninety-Nine there both a must buy for the summer .

My hair is Blues. Skye which the head band is included which comes with a hud to change the colors to match your outfits. Okay well i better see if i can get another ice cream before they close *shouts to annie Lets gooo get another!!!* byeee guys! Toddles xoxoxox

Sleepy Egg

Sleepy Egg

Q. What do you call a rabbit with fleas? A. Bugs Bunny.

What I’m Wearing:

Hair-.Olive. the Nami Hair {Non-Rigged} (Whole store is on sale right now go check it out)

Shirt-. tiptoes – Food Junky Sweater – Sleepy Egg (gatcha Item)

Pants-~LaZo – Lace short Legging – rose

Shoes-~*Buglets*~ TD Sweet Bunny Boots [Sky] (gatch in store )

Glasses-[CT] Cat Glasses – Yellow 5 (gatcha Item )

Skin- VCO– Pony

Basket-Little Llama – Bunny Basket – Pink (VIP Group Gift At The Playground)

Shape- Made my self

Dog-Alchemy/Birdy – Chi Chi Chihuahua – Bow – White (Gatcha Item)

Rainy Days

Rainy Day

So I know it’s not April Yet.. you know “April showers bring May flowers ” *Giggles* but Lazo made thease adorable rain boots and i had to share them with you, there at the march Kid to Kid event if you have never been to there events there amazing and they even have a VIP group which you can join and you get in a few days before it opens its so worth it and there is even group gifts 😀 and you know how i love me some group gifts. But if you can’t get there the rain boots will be at her store sooner or later so you can’t give me a excuse on why you did not get them.. OH and.. thease things come with a color hud you can make them match any outfit which i love but the black ones are my favorite !! The Umbrella is a Gatch from RO which if you have not ever been to there store you got to go see what they make it’s so cool and i think they might have the umbrella gatch in the store now this was a past event from last year it’s a kitty one 😀 Okay that’s it for now Toodles

Pretty Things

Princess Sky

So i’m enjoying all the events this month, I get to be a princess and listen to amazing tunes with this crown I got it from the Bueno it’s a gatcha item this round at the arcade it sparkles and its headphones i might never take it off! I’m also wearing this amazing little purple dress it also comes with a hud to choose from so it’s like getting 5 dresses for the price of one you can’t beat that it’s  from Lazo which you can grab this dress @Fairytale Forever Event

Lazo makes amazing stuff if you have not checked out her store you should she even has amazing free group gifts which is also free to join. She also made the adorable shoes im wearing which is at all the little things which you could wear thease shoes with any dress they also come with a hud so you can’t beat that !!

What I’m wearing:

Hair-[RA] Jill Hair – Unrigged

Dress- Lazo-Spring Dress @ Fairytale Forever Event

Shoes-~LaZo – Bow la beaute @ All the Little Things

Skin- VCO-Pony

Lashes-//LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes  (On MarketPlace)

Eyes- IKON Triumph Eyes  – Field

Shape- Made my own



Purple Rare Forever

Purple Forever

So March is going to be a big big big month of Gatcha’s and Events for Bigs and Smalls . I’m so excited there is nothing like getting that rare and getting to wear it proud. I love this hat its the rare from Sprinkles and it has Unicorns on it and its purple, It was like she made it just for me 😀 It’s a rare for a upcoming event in march @ ATP (which stands for allergic to pink or addicted to pink) Sprinkles made two rares the other is pink with candy on it it’s also super cute but im a purple girl all the way. Now along with the two rares to win you also get a chance to win 5 common ones which are also cute there is a panda one and stars and even a cat one for you cat lovers, also at this event she will be also offering a food tee gatcha which is super cute the shirt has a small pocket to hold candy Ad down below to check it out 😀 so you don’t want to miss this event Starting March 1st 😀 .Now along with that Sprinkles is also in a event where you can grab those adorable cute socks im wearing they are the rare rainbow ones which i just adore Now you can win them  at the Grabby Hands Gatcha  This event  starts March 7th The socks come in 5 common colors which all are super cute they also come in a resizer script which was super nice and works really good 😀 So I don’t know about you but start saving up that allowance your going to so need it.

What I’m Wearing:

Hair:/Wasabi Pills/ Poppy Mesh Hair – Seafoam

Skin- VCO– Pony

Shirt-:BoWillow: Toddleedoo Yoga Tanks – HUD (white) @Tous Les Enfants (gatch event)

Pants-:BoWillow: Sweatpants – POWDER – TD (kid) @Tous Les Enfants (gatch event)

beanie gacha adfood tee gacha ad.png