Happy 4th from Me & Skippy Doll

My Skippy Doll .png

Hi Guys! So this is my Stuffed Doll Skippy he loves boats and boats and yep boats we got dressed to go outside to play in a boat and watch the fireworks but we had to get on are sailor outfits which are red white and blue so its perfect for the holiday.So this Dress is From Sprinkles and you can grab this at the July round of Grabby Hands Gatcha Event it’s the Rare . The Boat Cloudy Kite decor  is also by Sprinkles and it’s at the ATP Event this July.The Hair im wearing is from the July Crystal Heart Fair Blues. Celine. So much going on this July So grab this stuff and hop on your boat and have a Wonderful 4th of July !!

Time to Paint the House

Time to Paint the House

Oh Hi.. So I’m kinda busy right now I’m helping paint the new house mommy said we could not move in until we painted .. well i wanted my room so i got to work. I think I’m doing a great Job . Dustin was watching me while mommy went to the store i think she is going to be soooo happy when she gets home and see all the hard work i have done don’t you think??? So if you need your house painted let me tell you where you can get the stuff okay??? So the hand print and foot prints and both poses are  From Strawberry Jam in her pack called Little Artist Mini Series and thease cute little socks make me look like im cover in paint and left the prints in rainbow these are from Sprinkles colorful sock gatcha and there they rare socks you can try to win them at the ATP event this June Round so grab your pennies and head on down and PAINT YOUR HOUSE!!!

May the 4th be with you

May the 4th be with you

Happy Star Wars Day!!!!!!! I know some of you might not understand what today is but im a geek. Mommy is not a fan of star wars and you can see it, I asked for wookie cookies and this is what i got ?? Ginger Bread it’s not Christmas mommy ! But Cookies are Cookies So i’m still going to eat them and drink them with this amazing snack cup from boogers  it holds my milk and cookies, I’m going to blog this item again cause it’s hard to see how amazing it is in this photo but i just had to have milk with my cookies today. I hope you all have a wonderful day today .. Let the Force be with you .

What I’m wearing:

Nightie-sprinkles . panda pocket pajamas @ ATP  this round !!! go get it so many to pick from .

Storm Trooper Helmet-Sci-fi Nerd Imperial Stormtrooper Helmet

Cup-<:*BoOgErS*:> Snack N Slurp Glitter @ Color me Cute Starts May 15


Snack N Slurp Ad SL

Mermaids Pick them In Style

I'm a Mermaid

What?? No.. No.. I’m not picking nothing.. *wipes her finger on her doll* hiya! so… me and rose where off to get some pizza and i just had to wear my new outfit it’s a secret mermaid outfit so shhh don’t tells no one im a mermaid 😀 she was helping me put on my umm flipper *giggles* so if your wondering where you can gets this amazing little outfit well.. guess what i’m about to tells you .. It’s From Sprinkles and it’s at April’s round of ATP (allergic to pink/addicted to pink) the round lasts the whole month! So you have time to save up that money and go down and grabs this amazing outfit and be a secret mermaid with me 😀 What did the sea say to the Little Mermaid?
Nothing, it just waved!

What I’m Wearing:

Hair- YumYum– *barberyumyum*66 (blonde)

Skin/Mouth- VCO -Pony


Shape- Made By Me

Outfit-Sprinkles . secret mermaid outfit (B) #1 (this only comes in baby only)