Picking Apples with Mommy


Hi guys! Well it’s offical mommy said it’s Fall time which means Picking Apples, drinking cider and playing in the leaves the weather has not got super cold yet which is good cause i can still wear dresses and flip flops until mommy says no more unless im in the house. I had such a good day mommy and me talked about what i want to do for my birthday since it’s October 1st and it’s right around the corner and then there is halloween i have no idea what im going to go as, do you ??? I’m sure we will think of something, she said she make me something very special just for me *grins* Okay well time to go inside mommy is going to make me grilled cheese and soup and im starving! Toodles

Pose-.In The Moment.Families. ~ Mine @ Color me Cute September round

Outfit-~*Buglets*~ TD Ginny (comes with hud to change color of jean dress and shirt ) @ color me cute event September Round

Shoes- No longer for sale.

Apple Bucket-TTT – Apple Bobbing Tub (comes with animation to bob for apples)

Apple Sign- Gift no longer sold


Buglets Lemonade

TimeforLemonade edited

Hi Guys!! Want some Lemonade Or how about some cookies or donuts or how about some Candy I have it all for sale thanks to Buglets this is there new Gatcha which is part of the Ankle Biters event which is a Hud Based Gatcha you get the HUD and it will TP you around to all the stores that are part of the event  This Lemonade Party Stand is just adorable also what is super cute about this stuff is that the chair and bench and even the crate have poses in them how nice is that!!! *sips on her lemonade and feels some drop on her dress* oh No! I just got this amazing dress ugh mommy is going to be so mad now oh well it will dry this dress is from Enchantique. Trixie Outfit – Light Floral which is now at the July round of Ninety-Nine event and it now comes with a Hud to change parts of the colors this is the floral one so go down grab these items and start your own party with your family and friends I better go dry off in the sun and try not to drip anymore on me at lest i smell good *giggles*

Me and My Dolls

Me and the dolls

How can you tell if a mummy has a cold?
He starts coffin.

Hi Guys! Sorry I have not been posting as much as normal i have been super sick mommy made me rest a lot i’m getting better but as you can see I still can’t fully get out of bed yet so i thought i snuggle with my dolls and wait until i get the okay to go out and play. That’s okay tho you guys can run down to Color me Cute this June round tho which is where my amazing outfit is from  {Blush.} Lark Outfit – Mint she made a few other colors but this outfit went great with my new slip on shoes which also another item from ~*Buglets*~ TD Kristie Sandals [Mint – Dots] I will be showing more items from the Color me Cute event they put out so many cute items thats for sure. Okay well i better rest some more so i can play later. Toodles for now xoxox

Catch Butterflies @ Family Fun Fair

Look Butterflys_001

Are they not just so pretty Purple Butterflies I ran around trying to catch them all and you can do the same thing. Starting Tomorrow Family Fun Fair Opens and you can run down and get these there in the pose from ~*Buglets*~ called Chasing Butterflies  remember the money you spend on the items helps fight cancer for RFL so not only do you get some amazing items but you also get to help those in need its a win win in my book 😀 So the other Item that you can get there is the outfit im wearing :Bo Willow: made this adorable purple jumper and shoes for the event. I’m going nuts over all the stuff cause my favorite color is well you guys know its PURPLE!!!

Q: Why wouldn’t they let the butterfly into the dance? A: Because it was a mothball. 😀

What I’m Wearing :

Hair-TRUTH HAIR – Ximena

Outfit- :BoWillow: RLF Jumper Outfit – Lavender (Cancer Awareness)

Glasses- Sorbet– Lovely Lunettes [Rose]

Skin/Mouth- VCO– Pony

Headband/Necklace-{T.T}-Faith Bear necklace/Butterfly tiara @ Family Fun Fair

Wings- =Zenith=Dreamy Wings (free group gift ) @ Project Se7en

Sleepy Egg

Sleepy Egg

Q. What do you call a rabbit with fleas? A. Bugs Bunny.

What I’m Wearing:

Hair-.Olive. the Nami Hair {Non-Rigged} (Whole store is on sale right now go check it out)

Shirt-. tiptoes – Food Junky Sweater – Sleepy Egg (gatcha Item)

Pants-~LaZo – Lace short Legging – rose

Shoes-~*Buglets*~ TD Sweet Bunny Boots [Sky] (gatch in store )

Glasses-[CT] Cat Glasses – Yellow 5 (gatcha Item )

Skin- VCO– Pony

Basket-Little Llama – Bunny Basket – Pink (VIP Group Gift At The Playground)

Shape- Made my self

Dog-Alchemy/Birdy – Chi Chi Chihuahua – Bow – White (Gatcha Item)