MeMe’s Raccoon

MeMe Raccoon

Hi Guy’s So you won’t believe it! I went over to my Meme’s House and there was a dancing Raccoon playing the key’s of the piano i think he might need lessons he was not sounding that great he kinda sounds like me when i play but a tad worse okay alot worse but it was pretty funny watching him bang on the keys trying to play . I kinda scared him tho and he is lost in the house somewhere oh well, i went to run after him but stumbled and almost ripped my new dress from Lazo called Xhalia Dress ain’t it pretty you can grab this dress at Once Upon a Child it comes in sooo many colors i just love it and meme does to tho she said i could not eat cookies unless i put something to cover it so i did not get it dirty but hey it was well worth it i don’t like bibs they make me feel like a baby.

What Else I’m Wearing: 


Shoes-{Babysteps} – Vintage Rose Slips Pink

Headband- =Zenith= Spring Rose Crown

Glasses-#Foxy – Lush Life Sunnies @ June Chapter Four event


Lazy Bones

Laying In bed

Hi Guys!!! So I Finally Got back from Summer Camp It was sooooooo much fun we did so many amazing things I did take alot of photos which I posted them on Flickr I just kinda took a break on blogging things. But i’m back and ready to tell you guys all the amazing new things that are out there!!! So Since i been kinda lazy I put on thease new PJ’s which are Called {Buttercup} Sleepover – Hearts Buttercup did such a great job she made them super comfy it’s so comfy it’s hard to take them off *giggles* She made them in hearts and in speckles color both are amazing .. So i guess your wondering where you can get them right ?? Well you can get both PJ’s at the Once Upon a Child event So grab your penny’s and head down 😀 There perfect for a lazy day in bed or those cute sleep over party’s so what you waiting for goo goo gooo……

I’m so good at sleeping i can even do it with my eyes closed *giggles*

What Else I’m wearing:

Hair-YumYum-*barberyumyum*66 (anime)

Glasses-#Foxy – Lush Life Sunnies @ June round of Chapter 4

Headband-=Zenith=Chrysanthemum Sheep Headband (Rose)

Bunny-=Zenith=Dreamy Bunny

Shoes-REIGN.- Lamby Slippers


Ugly Duckling @ Ninety-Nine

Ugly Duckling Ninety-Nine Event

So Ninety-Nine Is in full swing right now and there is so many amazing outfit’s there and I’m proud to say my Cousin Ana has her cute outfit’s at the event this shirt and Jeans are so comfy to wear and are perfect for summer there is so many different combo’s you can pick from if your not a print type shirt kinda girl there is solid colors as well and there like soft and silky just try to not get anything on them if your a messy eater there to nice to get dirty 😀 at lest mommy said so she made me were a bib when i had dinner *giggles* Along with the ninety-nine event my cousin has these amazing cute bangles coming to Color me Cute starting the 15th of this month they match so well with this outfit who does not like a little bling with there outfit i know i do! So make sure you grab your cash and run down to all these amazing events going on this month so much to see so much to do not enough time the struggle is real for the shopaholic girl like me.

What I’m Wearing:

Hair- Yumyum-*barberyumyum*49 (anime)

Shirt-{ud} Metallic Knot Top [floral] B

Jeans-{ud} High Glam Jeans [rose silver] B (sequined pockets)

Shoes-{ud} Shiny Flops V.2 B [silly fizz]

Binkie-{ud} Gem Binky [silver] RARE

Hairbow-[atooly] the blair bow .rainbow. (Free gift at Chapter Four This Round)

Bangles-{ud} Ethnic Bangles [silver]

Earrings-{T.T}Angel earrings (silver with hud)