Bunny Snack Raid


Hi guys me and bunnies are just having a snack wants to join us?  I’m having a Doughnut and Chocolate Milk and Fred he is having a Carrot and Pickles I’m not sure what he has picked out yet. I’m feeling very girly today *sips on her milk*

So this amazing drink you can get from {Clove} Kawaii Chocolate Milk it’s at the July Round of Color me Cute and it’s sure is Kawaii this round Tiny Trinkets also made this Dress for Color me Cute and it’s even called the Kawaii Uni Dress ain’t it cute?

My Bunny Ears are from the Crystal Heart Gatcha   +Half-Deer+ Princess Twinklefluff – Bunny Ears this is a must play gatcha there is so many cute and very Kawaii Items My glasses are {BunBun} Lace Heart Glasses – Pastels 

My Shoes are Bad Seed-Winged Platforms {Baby} – White My hair is no longer being sold sorry 😦 Well that is it for me guys and you have a very Kawaii Day Make sure to run down to Color me Cute and Grab all the Kawaii Items there all must buys in my Book . Toodles!

The Beach Girls that are Sour & Sweet


Hi Guys! *wipes her chin* want some watermelon? How about some sweet and sour Lemanabe best for this hot hot weather am i right? These are my friends Kia and Ashley say hi guys .. *waits* umm i guess they don’t talk with there mouthfuls anyways.. So i guess your wondering where you can get your own lemnabe stand to make your own right? Well don’t worry you can grab this amazing stand from Boogers at Summerfest 2016 oh and don’t worry boogers put some other amazing things like a kite a slip n slide you know to cool off after you sit in the sun making your lemnabe. Oh and if your wondering where to get these amazing sunglasses so you can see while your making it head on down to Dreamful the event starting July 2nd there from MINIMAL – Dreamful Glasses Bronze 0% Transparency <— that means no sun comes threw mommy told me 😀 got to protect those eyes you know. So I guess the best part of this post is this yummy yummy watermelon we are eating you can grab this pose Glamrus Kids . Juicy Summer at this round at color me cute so what are you waiting for so many amazing things to grab and do with your friends and family this summer and there just a TP away so goo gooo and don’t forget your sunscreen it’s burning hot out here!!!!

Me and My Dolls

Me and the dolls

How can you tell if a mummy has a cold?
He starts coffin.

Hi Guys! Sorry I have not been posting as much as normal i have been super sick mommy made me rest a lot i’m getting better but as you can see I still can’t fully get out of bed yet so i thought i snuggle with my dolls and wait until i get the okay to go out and play. That’s okay tho you guys can run down to Color me Cute this June round tho which is where my amazing outfit is from  {Blush.} Lark Outfit – Mint she made a few other colors but this outfit went great with my new slip on shoes which also another item from ~*Buglets*~ TD Kristie Sandals [Mint – Dots] I will be showing more items from the Color me Cute event they put out so many cute items thats for sure. Okay well i better rest some more so i can play later. Toodles for now xoxox

Beach Day with the Puppies

Beach Day with the Puppies

Hi Guys! It was so hot and such a great day I thought why not grab my Float and run out with my puppies and go build a sandcastle it was so much fun this float is new and comes with amazing poses it’s from Tiny Trinkets and comes in different colors to match your bathing suit I had to use the play pose cause i’m not supposed to get in the water unless a grown up is around *giggles* so i played on the sand instead but the poses are soooo cutes the floating one even has a up and down motion like your floating its a must buy it has a cute little teady in the front of it to hold but im blocking it cause im so big 😀 But you can go down to Color Me Cute which starts June 15 and take a look at them 😀

How can you tell if the ocean is friendly … It waves 😀

What Else I’m Wearing:

Hair-tram -E817 hair / shell

Bathing Suit-{ Blush. } Mermaid Swimsuit {B} Iridescent

Shoes-~LaZo – Lien Shoes (comes with hud to change colors so many to pick from)

Puppies-+Half-Deer+ Chihuahua – Beachballin /+Half-Deer+ Chihuahua – Attention Pls @ The Arcade Gatcha Items this round

Sweet teddy floaty Mint




Napping Not Packing

Tiny Trinkets & Tic Tot Toe @ Color me Cute.jpg

So Camp is right around the corner and mommy said i needed to start packing but i have like two weeks to go why would i pack when i can eat chips and nap with my Kitty Smore’s

So like i said there was so much at Color me Cute and i wanted to show you guys more this outfit is from Tiny Trinkets Called…On Vacation Which maybe that’s why i used the new Rainbow pillow rare from Tic Tot Toe to take a nap also you can get this item at Color me cute.  I think I will tell Mommy no packing im on vacation see that is what my outfit is called so me needs to nap nap nap *giggles* Also I wanted to let you know The show’s im wearing are from Tiny Trinkets as well thease are at Limited 50 so that means you must go like ASAP! Before there all gone so hurry hurry go grab them they match so well with this outfit!!!!

Buttercup @ Color me Cute

Buttercup @ Color Me Cute

Hi Guys! So Color me Cute Just started Yesterday and there is so much going on this round it’s a must go to for us girls and boys yes i included you boys to 😀 So this outfit i’m wearing is from Buttercup Called Pocket Overalls  it’s so cute and comes in 5 color’s to pick from i love the pockets on it you can fit so much good stuff in them gots to have those hidden spots you know 😀  I’m also wearing the blue glasses and flip flops from Dream which comes with a cute swimsuit and floating ring with it but I was told to change cause my swimsuit was wet and mommy did not want me sick maybe i show you guys later when im at the pool or go down to Color me cute and get it your self its a must buy!

Q: What happens if you eat yeast and shoe polish?

A: Every morning you’ll rise and shine! 😀

BabyBurp @.PENUMBRA. Fashion Week

BabyBurp Fashion Week

Okay So, Last time I went over Fashion week I said there would be so many great looks  another here is a  look that will be hitting the runway from BabyBurp she made this amazing cute Jumper and Summer Hat and Flip Flops to match this is perfect for spring and summer which is the theme of the Fashion Show. If you missed the Dates and Time’s They will be at the bottom of the post make sure to hit the show to see all the other amazing outfit’s that BabyBurp made this is just one of them.

What Else I’m Wearing:

Hair-YumYum-*barberyumyum*69 (anime)

Glasses-Sorbet. Lovely Lunettes [Rose]

Binky-[Royal Fusion] – Treasure Binky [diamonds] RARE (Gatcha Item all the money goes into RL Saving for a very lovely couple show your support)

Outfit-BabyBurp-{BB} Day at the Beach – Jumpsuit/Hat and FlipFlops

Bangles-{ud} Ethnic Bangles [rainbow) @ Color me Cute May round starts the 15th

Pose-{SJ} Isabella Pose 2

Info on Fashion Week:

Fashion Week Begins: Saturday, May 14, 2016.

.PENUMBRA. Fashion Week is the most innovative and highly anticipated fashion show event in Second Life to-date. Our impeccable attention to detail consistently delivers quality show production. Brace yourselves for a week packed full of runway shows and retail stores featuring the hottest real life fashion trends Second Life has to bring you.

Our last fashion week, .PENUMBRA. AW15 Fashion Week, we introduced Toddleedoo designers to the world of high fashion. This fashion week we are dedicated to merging both fashion worlds with the best models on the grid, our most visionary producers, our most detail-oriented stylists, and an incredible team so that you can be sure that your vision for your collection and your brand is carried out in a spectacular experience that will amaze those who take part.

Show Times:

Show: Monday May 16, 2016 @ 4:30PM
– BoWillow by Archer Candy (8isgreatdontblate)
– Little Badz Inc by BadSuzie

Show: Tuesday May 17, 2016 @ 4:30PM
– AnkleBiters by Jourdy Moretti (jourdainrose)
– Sweet Tots by Sweetiepie Riggles

Show: Wednesday May 18, 2016 @ 4:30PM
– BabyBurp by SamanthaFaye
– ToddleTeeZ by Zahra Yue

Show: Thursday May 19, 2016 @ 4:30PM
– Meshy Me by Milli (aka TinyMillicent Resident)
– Zanzadoodle by Zzoie Zee Dethly (zzoiezee)

Ugly Duckling @ Ninety-Nine

Ugly Duckling Ninety-Nine Event

So Ninety-Nine Is in full swing right now and there is so many amazing outfit’s there and I’m proud to say my Cousin Ana has her cute outfit’s at the event this shirt and Jeans are so comfy to wear and are perfect for summer there is so many different combo’s you can pick from if your not a print type shirt kinda girl there is solid colors as well and there like soft and silky just try to not get anything on them if your a messy eater there to nice to get dirty 😀 at lest mommy said so she made me were a bib when i had dinner *giggles* Along with the ninety-nine event my cousin has these amazing cute bangles coming to Color me Cute starting the 15th of this month they match so well with this outfit who does not like a little bling with there outfit i know i do! So make sure you grab your cash and run down to all these amazing events going on this month so much to see so much to do not enough time the struggle is real for the shopaholic girl like me.

What I’m Wearing:

Hair- Yumyum-*barberyumyum*49 (anime)

Shirt-{ud} Metallic Knot Top [floral] B

Jeans-{ud} High Glam Jeans [rose silver] B (sequined pockets)

Shoes-{ud} Shiny Flops V.2 B [silly fizz]

Binkie-{ud} Gem Binky [silver] RARE

Hairbow-[atooly] the blair bow .rainbow. (Free gift at Chapter Four This Round)

Bangles-{ud} Ethnic Bangles [silver]

Earrings-{T.T}Angel earrings (silver with hud)



May the 4th be with you

May the 4th be with you

Happy Star Wars Day!!!!!!! I know some of you might not understand what today is but im a geek. Mommy is not a fan of star wars and you can see it, I asked for wookie cookies and this is what i got ?? Ginger Bread it’s not Christmas mommy ! But Cookies are Cookies So i’m still going to eat them and drink them with this amazing snack cup from boogers  it holds my milk and cookies, I’m going to blog this item again cause it’s hard to see how amazing it is in this photo but i just had to have milk with my cookies today. I hope you all have a wonderful day today .. Let the Force be with you .

What I’m wearing:

Nightie-sprinkles . panda pocket pajamas @ ATP  this round !!! go get it so many to pick from .

Storm Trooper Helmet-Sci-fi Nerd Imperial Stormtrooper Helmet

Cup-<:*BoOgErS*:> Snack N Slurp Glitter @ Color me Cute Starts May 15


Snack N Slurp Ad SL