How do you say goodbye in Hawaiian?

Hawaii Time_002

What do cows wear when they’re vacationing in Hawaii?
Moo moos 😀

What I’m Wearing:

Outfit- Tic Tot Toe– Hula Outfit Girls

Hair-Amacci Hair – Candy @ Cosmopolitan

Skin/Mouth- VCO-Pony

Bucket- Tic Tot Toe – Gem Bucket (Polka Dots) RARE @ Color me Cute

Pose – Done by Rose

What to do on a Rainy Day?

What to do on a rainy day

Q: When does it rain money?

A: When there is “change” in the weather.

So I woke up this morning hoping to play outside I look out the window and its raining I was going to go anyways but then it started to thunder and i got a little scared so i grabbed my monkey and my kitty friend and sat on the couch in my new adorable sweater  from Sprinkles its one of  her rares at Grabby Hands Gatcha event for April. It’s a must for April cause April Showers Bring May Flowers which one little flower friend came a bit early and its got a bunny in it  you can go get your own from Razzberry there is so many different colors and who does not like little bunnies in flowers, in the store its called Bunny Blossom what you waiting for go shop go shop 😀

What I’m Wearing:

Hair-Amacci Hair – Candy @ Cosmopolitan

Jeans-[F] 1998 Cuffed Washed Jeans [B] [Ripped] [Normal]

Glasses-. tiptoes – Round Mesh Glasses (In the Eatings Greatings Outfit)

Skin/Mouth- VCO– Pony

Kitty-+Half-Deer+ Catty Creamery Ice Cream – Rainbow (gatch Item)

Monkey-!APHORISM! Ragdoll Monkey – Hand Hold (Gatch Item)

Body- Cute Bytes-~ToddleeDoo – BabyGirl (v.2.8)

Shape- Made my own

Butter Fingers

Dropped my Ice Cream

*Sniffles and wipes away her tears* So I guess you can sorta see what happend I went down to get ice cream at the new location for Lazy Unicorn  and see my friend but she was not around so as i went to get my first bite of my cheese cake flavor yummy yummy ice cream bacon thought it be funny to jump on me to get some and before i knew it SPLAT!

Guess she gets to eat it and im here in tears oh well at lest its Taco Tuesday!

What do you call a person who can sit on an ice cream and tell the flavor?

A smartass! 

What I’m wearing:

Outfit-{T.T}-Beach baby One Piece Tankini Blue stripes @ Color me cute April 15th until the May 1st

Hair-no.match_ ~ NO_SCHOOL ~ Pack of BLONDS @Cosmopolitan

Skin/Mouth- VCO – Pony

Nails-{Petite Bowtique} Purple Dream Nails @ Family Fun Fair

Lashes-//LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes (Market Place)

[okkbye] Under-Eye Highlight – Lighter (MP)

[okkbye] The Button Nose -(MP)

FlipFlops- tiptoes – Striped Springtime – Bunny ( they come with outfit)

My Dog Bacon-Alchemy/Birdy – Chi Chi Chihuahua – Bow – White ( Gatcha Item)