Buglets Lemonade

TimeforLemonade edited

Hi Guys!! Want some Lemonade Or how about some cookies or donuts or how about some Candy I have it all for sale thanks to Buglets this is there new Gatcha which is part of the Ankle Biters event which is a Hud Based Gatcha you get the HUD and it will TP you around to all the stores that are part of the event  This Lemonade Party Stand is just adorable also what is super cute about this stuff is that the chair and bench and even the crate have poses in them how nice is that!!! *sips on her lemonade and feels some drop on her dress* oh No! I just got this amazing dress ugh mommy is going to be so mad now oh well it will dry this dress is from Enchantique. Trixie Outfit – Light Floral which is now at the July round of Ninety-Nine event and it now comes with a Hud to change parts of the colors this is the floral one so go down grab these items and start your own party with your family and friends I better go dry off in the sun and try not to drip anymore on me at lest i smell good *giggles*

Enchantique Ninety-Nine

Enchantique. Ninety-Nine

Hello From My Dream Land.. I love my New room my mommy has made it wonderful and soooooo Dreamy so i felt like being super pretty . So I put on my new dress a very good friend of mine made from Enchantique so what is so special about this dress well.. it’s at the new round of Ninety-Nine and just so you know I hear the event  got a new look and it’s super amazeing but shhh don’t tell anyone i told you, it’s a secret. 😀  The new round starts May 9th So run down and grab the Diva Dress cause every girl has a secret Diva or is it just me??? The Theme is PAPARAZZI  So look for all the flashing lights 😀

What I’m wearing:

Hair-Magika – Checkpoint

Dress- Enchantique. Silver Diva Dress [sky]

Shoes- jk: jesus sandals – snow

Pose-{SJ} Rory Pose 4

Body- Cutebytes -~ToddleeDoo – BabyGirl

Eyes-{ud} Dreamers Eye [night