Time to Wake up and Play

Time to wake up let's go play

Hi Guys! Shhh he is sleeping only one way to wake him up is pour the cooler on him *giggles* you think he will be mad?? I might have to make a mad dash to the water before he gets me that’s for sure thank goodness I have my Life Jacket on I can’t swim It’s From Sprinkles and they come in all different colors to choose from it’s good for kids like me that don’t know how to swim yet . This amazing Cooler im pouring on Big D is from Tic Tot Toe’s Cool Down Coolers Gatcha its a common but still amazing you can win a can to drink or win the cooler you can holds next to you or do like me and pour it on someone *giggles* I think i might have to take off my new shoes before I run and head for the water they are from Boogers there called Sporty Sandals I’m wearing Berry color Cause i love Berry’s 😀  Okay well Im off to catch some waves and look at fish with my cute mask it’s from . tiptoes – Beachy Days – Lil Fishy Swim Mask – Ocean it works amazing you can see everything with it You can try to win one if you want just head on down this June round of the play room and play. Okay enough talk and oh noooo i think he felt the ice time to run see yah later!!!!

Miley Hits the Stage

Miley Hits the Stage

Miley Finally Got the Best Band of her life and her concert was AMAZING!!!! I hear she found them all at this place Called The Arcade and guess what guys you can get your own band as well all you have to do is go down to the arcade and play the Boogers bear machine and you can get your  own band sorry guys tho miley is now retired she is in rehab from what i hear *giggles* so what are you wanting for go grab your penny’s and head on down and play play play!!! (below is a photo of all the bears you can get)

Booger Bears

Ugly Duckling @ Ninety-Nine

Ugly Duckling Ninety-Nine Event

So Ninety-Nine Is in full swing right now and there is so many amazing outfit’s there and I’m proud to say my Cousin Ana has her cute outfit’s at the event this shirt and Jeans are so comfy to wear and are perfect for summer there is so many different combo’s you can pick from if your not a print type shirt kinda girl there is solid colors as well and there like soft and silky just try to not get anything on them if your a messy eater there to nice to get dirty 😀 at lest mommy said so she made me were a bib when i had dinner *giggles* Along with the ninety-nine event my cousin has these amazing cute bangles coming to Color me Cute starting the 15th of this month they match so well with this outfit who does not like a little bling with there outfit i know i do! So make sure you grab your cash and run down to all these amazing events going on this month so much to see so much to do not enough time the struggle is real for the shopaholic girl like me.

What I’m Wearing:

Hair- Yumyum-*barberyumyum*49 (anime)

Shirt-{ud} Metallic Knot Top [floral] B

Jeans-{ud} High Glam Jeans [rose silver] B (sequined pockets)

Shoes-{ud} Shiny Flops V.2 B [silly fizz]

Binkie-{ud} Gem Binky [silver] RARE

Hairbow-[atooly] the blair bow .rainbow. (Free gift at Chapter Four This Round)

Bangles-{ud} Ethnic Bangles [silver]

Earrings-{T.T}Angel earrings (silver with hud)



Bowillow @ Penumbra Fashion Week

You can Sit with us New

So it’s Fashion Week and i’m so excited for it so many people have worked super hard on all these clothes just for us this outfit i’m showing you will be walking the runway it’s the  :BoWillow: (You Can Sit With Us) Outfit it’s a good message to stop bully’s !! You Have to go to the show to see the full outfit I’m wearing just the outfit and glasses.. down below i will give out the info and show times to the fashion show so you can see the full outfit in person along with the show times so you don’t miss it cause It’s a must for all girls that love to shop 😀

What Else I’m Wearing:

Hair-Blues. & Dream: Cajsa w/ Hat {unrigged}

Shoes-{ud} Corky Flops V.2 B [nude]

First Pose On Right-{SJ} Isabella Pose 4

2nd Pose on Left- p.o.s.e. doghouse 4 poses (comes with dog)


Fashion Week Begins: Saturday, May 14, 2016.

.PENUMBRA. Fashion Week is the most innovative and highly anticipated fashion show event in Second Life to-date. Our impeccable attention to detail consistently delivers quality show production. Brace yourselves for a week packed full of runway shows and retail stores featuring the hottest real life fashion trends Second Life has to bring you.


Our last fashion week, .PENUMBRA. AW15 Fashion Week, we introduced Toddleedoo designers to the world of high fashion. This fashion week we are dedicated to merging both fashion worlds with the best models on the grid, our most visionary producers, our most detail-oriented stylists, and an incredible team so that you can be sure that your vision for your collection and your brand is carried out in a spectacular experience that will amaze those who take part.

Show Times:

Show: Monday May 16, 2016 @ 4:30PM
– BoWillow by Archer Candy (8isgreatdontblate)
– Little Badz Inc by BadSuzie

Show: Tuesday May 17, 2016 @ 4:30PM
– AnkleBiters by Jourdy Moretti (jourdainrose)
– Sweet Tots by Sweetiepie Riggles

Show: Wednesday May 18, 2016 @ 4:30PM
– BabyBurp by SamanthaFaye
– ToddleTeeZ by Zahra Yue

Show: Thursday May 19, 2016 @ 4:30PM
– Meshy Me by Milli (aka TinyMillicent Resident)
– Zanzadoodle by Zzoie Zee Dethly (zzoiezee)

Tea Party with Sprinkles

13122810_1749669868610013_6248512897784686569_o (1)

So I was Playing Pretty Princess with my unicorn’s in this new dress from Sprinkles its at the May round of Kid to Kid  and guess what it’s there BIRTHDAY!!! So for the event Sprinkles included a free crown!!! This Dress Comes in so many colors it’s a must buy for any princess. A Princess is nothing with out her earrings and thease adorable little heart earrings are from Tiny Trinkets went great with the dress  you can grab a pair at this may round of Hello Beautiful it runs from May 5th-25th so plenty of time to grab all the colors. Pic is down below.

What I’m Wearing:

Hair-*ARGRACE* KOYOMI (Unrigged)

Dress- sprinkles . pink tea party dress

Wand-[blissiere] magic star wand – stardust

Shoes-. tiptoes – Flip-Flop Platforms ( Included in the Stripped Spring time outfit)

Earrings-{T.T} Angel earrings  Angel earrings



May the 4th be with you

May the 4th be with you

Happy Star Wars Day!!!!!!! I know some of you might not understand what today is but im a geek. Mommy is not a fan of star wars and you can see it, I asked for wookie cookies and this is what i got ?? Ginger Bread it’s not Christmas mommy ! But Cookies are Cookies So i’m still going to eat them and drink them with this amazing snack cup from boogers  it holds my milk and cookies, I’m going to blog this item again cause it’s hard to see how amazing it is in this photo but i just had to have milk with my cookies today. I hope you all have a wonderful day today .. Let the Force be with you .

What I’m wearing:

Nightie-sprinkles . panda pocket pajamas @ ATP  this round !!! go get it so many to pick from .

Storm Trooper Helmet-Sci-fi Nerd Imperial Stormtrooper Helmet

Cup-<:*BoOgErS*:> Snack N Slurp Glitter @ Color me Cute Starts May 15


Snack N Slurp Ad SL

Ice Cream Dream

Ice Cream Dream

So the new round for NINETY – NINE Starts the 9th of this month and I’m super excited you can grab this cute Harper skirt and top  from Tiny Trinkets It comes 5 colors plus a rainbow color 😀 Okay off to finish this Ice Cream before it melts.. Toodles

What Else I’m Wearing:

Hair- YumYum-*barberyumyum*65(anime)

Eyes- {ud} Dreamers Eye [night]

Shoes-{ud} Pearl Ballerina [floral]

Hair Flowers-{ud} Hibiscus Hairband [rose]

Ice Cream/pose- Label Motion – Sundae 6 RARE


Skate Park

Skate Park

So I’m Learning to Skate Board and it’s not easy. I keep Falling a lot so for now i’m just rolling back and forth on it and watching the bigger kids skate. It’s not as fun but at lest but butt is not as sore 😀 It also gives me time to eat my snacks i’m keeping them in my new pizza backpack cute right??? It’s from the new snack pack gatch from Tic Tot Toe at the Gatcha Garden what is so amazing about this backpack is when you wear it and bump into someone items pop out im linking a video for you to watch the  demo of how it works they did such a great job on thease and sooo many to collect 😀

What Do you call a Cow with no Legs?

Ground Beef 😀

What else i’m wearing:

Hair-Beusy: Lucid Hair & Cap [Natural]

Jeans-[F] 1998 Cuffed Washed Jeans [B] [Ripped] [Normal]

Sneakers-FLite.-Outsiders – Snake (gatch Item)

Shirt-~LaZo – Gypsy Top

Skin/Mouth- VCO– Pony

Glasses-SLX Outfit: Glitter – Glasses

Skateboard-[Bad Unicorn] Unicorn Skateboard (group gift)

Shape- Not for sale

Body- Cutebytes ~ToddleeDoo -BabyGirl



Dreamy Bunny

Dreamy Bunny

Hi guys it was a lazy sunday for me, and to me there is  nothing like getting into some comfy clothes and snuggling your favorite toy or animal i have a few. But this new gatcha Dreamy Bunny item from =Zenith= is my new favorite its so soft and it comes in so many colors. Also it matches my new necklace from Tiny Trinket’s also a Gatcha item it’s a common tho  to me could be a rare i love it so much ain’t it cute?? You can grab this item and many many other animal type stuff cause it’s a zootastic gatcha … shhh i hear there is a rare monkey in the bunch 😀 So where can you catch all thease animals you ask, well it’s at the EVERYTHING KIDS GACHA and it runs until May 17th so plenty of time to catch all the animals.

Q: What does a nosey pepper do?

A: Gets jalapeno business!  😀

What else i’m wearing:

Full Outfit- Meche – Rika Outfit – Pink – Complete {B}

Hair- YumYum-*barberyumyum*61E (anime)

Skin/Mouth- VCO-Pony

Glasses- Sorbet– Lovely Lunettes [Rose]

Cat on Head-JIAN :: Floofy Felines – Head Clinger (Bi Orange)

Pose-p.o.s.e. baby stand 1




RIP Prince

New Profile Picture

I’m sure everyone has heard that Prince has passed he was someone that impacted music to another level and it’s very sad he passed at such a young age this is for him. RIP ❤

What I’m Wearing:

Hair-Magika – Suffer Well

Flowers in Hair-{T.T} Daisy tiara White @ limited 50 

Crown Halo-[blissiere] -angel halo – RARE

Skin/Mouth- VCO– Pony

Dress- Paper Damsels – Deena Dress – Purple

Eyes-{ud} Expression Eye [forest green]