Let’s Color

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Hi Guys! So i’m just being lazy and coloring my G’mom is decorating the house so she said was best if i just sat and colored so i did not get’s hurt . I don’t mind cause who does not like to color and i got to put on my new pants and shoes to do it! There both from Lazo new at the store the pink pants are called ~LaZo – Polly Jegging you can get them in print hud or solid color hud they go great with the Turducken ToddleeDoo – Pattern CropTop – Macaron It can be found now on mp 😀 the shoes she made are called ~LaZo – Nelly Sandals – Baby  My hair im wearing is from Magika which until the 30th of July the whole store is 50% off!!! Magika – Meadow is the hair so grab your pennies and run down to the stores and grab these cute items! Oh crap i broke a crayon best get the tape see yah laters!

Get Sporty With Lazo


Hi Guys! It’s time to play some basketball down at the park but you got to wear your sport clothes first which boys and girls can do this since Lazo made girl ones and unisex colors which is nice for you boys out there 😀

I’m Wearing the Unisex colors cause girls can wear black and green to you know! This shorts and shirt are at the July round of Once Upon a Child So run down and get it!

The Hair and Hat are from Beusy: Lucid Hair & Cap [Natural]

This Pose {xoxo} Nessy Set {1} is at the new July round of Color me Cute  Oh well it sounds like it’s my turn to play, got to go shoot some hoops.   Toodles!

Writing with Colors

Lazoatcolormecute2_001 edited

Hi guys! So Im writing my own book well okay im just scribbling with this huge pencil but a girl can pretend write i think that sorta looks like a word or maybe a letter im not sure hmm kinda looks like a hot dog I guess i will have to just keep on trying. Well this Big Pencil you can grab at Color me Cute it’s from <:*BoOgErS*:> My Kawaii Pencil Pink there super duper cute when you walk it draws so you could draw all over the house with it *giggles* Also This Cute Dress I’m wearing is also from this July Round of Color me Cute and it’s the ~LaZo – Emily Dress which comes with a Hud which means you can make it into a dozen colors the bow and belt change colors as well it’s so adorable and the print is very summer and magical with the hearts and clouds 😀 So Grab your penny’s and run down to color me cute and grab these adorable items !

Feeling a bit Pinkish

Lazo Pretty in Pink

Hi guys I got up and mommy had picked me a outfit from Lazo it’s so pretty and soft and girly funny how some outfits can lift your mood. I guess since im still sick mommy thought if i wore something nice it make me feel better. I guess it’s working I better get going i hear her calling me it’s breakfast time I hope it’s pancakes *sniffs the air* oh and i think i smell bacon I got to go see you guys soon!

What I’m wearing :

Hair-booN -Lab.004 hair white (Materials)

Hair Bow-2PM. Sweet candy / hairband Peach (gatch item)

Shirt-~LaZo – Shandi Top – rose

Skirt-~LaZo – Dina Skirt

{Buttercup} Rosey Jewelry Set – Lt. Pink

Time to Paint the House

Time to Paint the House

Oh Hi.. So I’m kinda busy right now I’m helping paint the new house mommy said we could not move in until we painted .. well i wanted my room so i got to work. I think I’m doing a great Job . Dustin was watching me while mommy went to the store i think she is going to be soooo happy when she gets home and see all the hard work i have done don’t you think??? So if you need your house painted let me tell you where you can get the stuff okay??? So the hand print and foot prints and both poses are  From Strawberry Jam in her pack called Little Artist Mini Series and thease cute little socks make me look like im cover in paint and left the prints in rainbow these are from Sprinkles colorful sock gatcha and there they rare socks you can try to win them at the ATP event this June Round so grab your pennies and head on down and PAINT YOUR HOUSE!!!

MeMe’s Raccoon

MeMe Raccoon

Hi Guy’s So you won’t believe it! I went over to my Meme’s House and there was a dancing Raccoon playing the key’s of the piano i think he might need lessons he was not sounding that great he kinda sounds like me when i play but a tad worse okay alot worse but it was pretty funny watching him bang on the keys trying to play . I kinda scared him tho and he is lost in the house somewhere oh well, i went to run after him but stumbled and almost ripped my new dress from Lazo called Xhalia Dress ain’t it pretty you can grab this dress at Once Upon a Child it comes in sooo many colors i just love it and meme does to tho she said i could not eat cookies unless i put something to cover it so i did not get it dirty but hey it was well worth it i don’t like bibs they make me feel like a baby.

What Else I’m Wearing: 


Shoes-{Babysteps} – Vintage Rose Slips Pink

Headband- =Zenith= Spring Rose Crown

Glasses-#Foxy – Lush Life Sunnies @ June Chapter Four event


Beach Day with the Puppies

Beach Day with the Puppies

Hi Guys! It was so hot and such a great day I thought why not grab my Float and run out with my puppies and go build a sandcastle it was so much fun this float is new and comes with amazing poses it’s from Tiny Trinkets and comes in different colors to match your bathing suit I had to use the play pose cause i’m not supposed to get in the water unless a grown up is around *giggles* so i played on the sand instead but the poses are soooo cutes the floating one even has a up and down motion like your floating its a must buy it has a cute little teady in the front of it to hold but im blocking it cause im so big 😀 But you can go down to Color Me Cute which starts June 15 and take a look at them 😀

How can you tell if the ocean is friendly … It waves 😀

What Else I’m Wearing:

Hair-tram -E817 hair / shell

Bathing Suit-{ Blush. } Mermaid Swimsuit {B} Iridescent

Shoes-~LaZo – Lien Shoes (comes with hud to change colors so many to pick from)

Puppies-+Half-Deer+ Chihuahua – Beachballin /+Half-Deer+ Chihuahua – Attention Pls @ The Arcade Gatcha Items this round

Sweet teddy floaty Mint




Diva Time


Hi Guys! So im rocking out my inner diva today with some amazing new items out first are these amazing Gladi shoes from Lazo I love them they work with so many outfit’s they come with a hud so you can change everything about them laces sole back front so they can match all your outfits and i love it cause they look like my mom’s shoes 😀

Then Every Diva needs her sunglasses and these glasses are from Tiny Trinkets and there a group gift how cool is that!!! There Kitty glasses there a must grab so run down and grab them before there gone as a group gift 😀

What Else I’m Wearing:

Hair-Blues. Marta – unrigged (-roots) @ Tres Chic May round

Shirt- {ud} Metallic Knot Top [diva] @ Ninety-Nine May Round

Bangles-{ud} Ethnic Bangles [rainbow]

Skirt-Admirable. Denim Skater Skirt. Black (MP)



Pizza Night With Auntie


So Friday Night is Pizza Night, Mommy was away on a trip so it was just me and auntie we had so much fun we laughed and giggled and she let me have as many slices as i wanted it was the best. I even got soda and then later some candy and we watched scary movies and we stayed up super super late it was the BEST! I love my auntie, I know mommy won’t be happy with me doing all those things but what mommy don’t know won’t hurt her right?? hope she does not read this *giggles* I got to wear a new outfit as well it’s from Lazo at the new event called Once Upon A Child starts May 5th-28th. The Shirt and Pants Come with 12 Color’s in a  hud so you can mix and match the outfit also pizza stains do come out 😀

What I’m Wearing:

Hair-Yumyum-*barberyumyum*61E (anime)

Shirt-~LaZo – Summer Top – Baby

Pants-~LaZo – Summer Legging

Skin/mouth- VCO– Pony

Eyes- Ugly Duckling-Expression Eye covegreen

Check out my Auntie Blog for what she is wearing :




Skate Park

Skate Park

So I’m Learning to Skate Board and it’s not easy. I keep Falling a lot so for now i’m just rolling back and forth on it and watching the bigger kids skate. It’s not as fun but at lest but butt is not as sore 😀 It also gives me time to eat my snacks i’m keeping them in my new pizza backpack cute right??? It’s from the new snack pack gatch from Tic Tot Toe at the Gatcha Garden what is so amazing about this backpack is when you wear it and bump into someone items pop out im linking a video for you to watch the  demo of how it works they did such a great job on thease and sooo many to collect 😀

What Do you call a Cow with no Legs?

Ground Beef 😀

What else i’m wearing:

Hair-Beusy: Lucid Hair & Cap [Natural]

Jeans-[F] 1998 Cuffed Washed Jeans [B] [Ripped] [Normal]

Sneakers-FLite.-Outsiders – Snake (gatch Item)

Shirt-~LaZo – Gypsy Top

Skin/Mouth- VCO– Pony

Glasses-SLX Outfit: Glitter – Glasses

Skateboard-[Bad Unicorn] Unicorn Skateboard (group gift)

Shape- Not for sale

Body- Cutebytes ~ToddleeDoo -BabyGirl