Home From School


Hi Guys! So I Just got home from school early  and I had a rough day My glasses got broken and then i missed lunch cause i was in the nurses office having them call my mom so i got to go home early but mommy says i still have to do my home works. ugh.. what a day, oh!! Well at lest i still get to watch cartoon’s later and mommy gave me these soft slippers to wear cause my shoes got dirty when i fell and broke my glasses . Oh i think i hear her calling for me i better get off here and start my home work I will get back to you guys soon Toodles…

Outfit-{T.T} Geek Me Comes with Shorts shirt and bowtie and broken glasses @ Color Me cute September  Round

Socks- {T.T} Chloe socks @ Main Store

Pose- .snaphappy. Noah Poses comes with books to hold with poses @ Color me Cute September Round

Crayon in mouth-.Wishes. ~ Attachable Mouth Crayon @ Color me Cute 

Slippers-Little Llama – Feet Feels Gatcha @ Color Me Cute September Round

Hair- YumYum-*barberyumyum*83 (anime) FLF For the 23rd

Lunchbox-<:*BoOgErS*:> Lunch Box Decor Pink

Backpack- sprinkles . bear backpack polkadot RARE

May the 4th be with you

May the 4th be with you

Happy Star Wars Day!!!!!!! I know some of you might not understand what today is but im a geek. Mommy is not a fan of star wars and you can see it, I asked for wookie cookies and this is what i got ?? Ginger Bread it’s not Christmas mommy ! But Cookies are Cookies So i’m still going to eat them and drink them with this amazing snack cup from boogers  it holds my milk and cookies, I’m going to blog this item again cause it’s hard to see how amazing it is in this photo but i just had to have milk with my cookies today. I hope you all have a wonderful day today .. Let the Force be with you .

What I’m wearing:

Nightie-sprinkles . panda pocket pajamas @ ATP  this round !!! go get it so many to pick from .

Storm Trooper Helmet-Sci-fi Nerd Imperial Stormtrooper Helmet

Cup-<:*BoOgErS*:> Snack N Slurp Glitter @ Color me Cute Starts May 15


Snack N Slurp Ad SL

Donut Care

Donuts and Coffee

So I know what your thinking its going to stunt my growth,”Coffee bad don’t drink it”!!! It’s funny as a child i loved coffee and i was allowed a little bit of it (not as if i needed more energy as a child 😀 ) never did stunt my growth i’m 5’8 now and  if anything i had really bad growing pains not sure it was from the coffee but i don’t see the harm in it, but ask me this when my little one asks for a cup in a few years i might not be that okay with it maybe decaf he is already a handful wish i could drink up his energy . Now The reason im blogging this is because its Free! Yep all you got to do is subscribe @ Label Motions and you get the coffee and the donuts it comes with 4 poses the shop is amazing they even have past subscriber gifts in a box for 50L I love subscribers because it don’t eat up a group. On to what im wearing this dress is super cute yes thats R2D2 on my dress I know I know nerd alert!!! But i don’t care im a nerd and proud of it this girl makes amazing stuff we became friends and im demanding she make more stuff you can find her stuff on Market Place which yes i will be linking down below so click the link and check out all the other great outfits she has Ta Ta for now.

What I’m wearing:

Outfit-{fawn} My Star Wars Dress

Hair-Blues. Allie – Naturals 1

Glasses- LooP *nurd glasses / nose / GoupGift

Skin- VCO ~ Pony

Freckles Moles and Teeth-{LPP} Baby Teeth + Dimples +moles

Shape- My own