November Rain Go Away


How did the hurricane see? With its eye.

Hi Guys! Look it’s a Big Big Storm.. Mommy Said the rain will soon turn into Snow and then I can Play in the snow ‘YAY” this storm was so big it blew back the curtains and Rascal was so scared at first then he just wanted to lick at the rain with his long tongue it made me laugh .

I don’t mind the rain but the lighting bolts do kinda scare me when they make that big BANG!  But i did not get wet, want to know why???

Cause i had on my rain boots and my rain coat which are so nice there from/called {WF} Molly Outfit they come in many colors and you get boots and leggings all of which are Hud Driven so you can mix and match the Raincoat with your boots .

You can grab them at the new round of Color me Cute . I can’t forget about this amazing umbrella which kept me dry as well it’s also at Color me Cute it’s the {Clair de Lune } Addie Pink Floral Umbrella RARE there is so many to try to win along with boots as well in the gatcha it’s a must have item!

So grab those penny’s run threw the rain and get down to Color me Cute so you stay dry until the snow comes and hey! I think you might be able to use it in the snow .. I have to go ask mommy .~ Toodles~ for now


Rainy Days

Rainy Day

So I know it’s not April Yet.. you know “April showers bring May flowers ” *Giggles* but Lazo made thease adorable rain boots and i had to share them with you, there at the march Kid to Kid event if you have never been to there events there amazing and they even have a VIP group which you can join and you get in a few days before it opens its so worth it and there is even group gifts 😀 and you know how i love me some group gifts. But if you can’t get there the rain boots will be at her store sooner or later so you can’t give me a excuse on why you did not get them.. OH and.. thease things come with a color hud you can make them match any outfit which i love but the black ones are my favorite !! The Umbrella is a Gatch from RO which if you have not ever been to there store you got to go see what they make it’s so cool and i think they might have the umbrella gatch in the store now this was a past event from last year it’s a kitty one 😀 Okay that’s it for now Toodles