Picking Apples with Mommy


Hi guys! Well it’s offical mommy said it’s Fall time which means Picking Apples, drinking cider and playing in the leaves the weather has not got super cold yet which is good cause i can still wear dresses and flip flops until mommy says no more unless im in the house. I had such a good day mommy and me talked about what i want to do for my birthday since it’s October 1st and it’s right around the corner and then there is halloween i have no idea what im going to go as, do you ??? I’m sure we will think of something, she said she make me something very special just for me *grins* Okay well time to go inside mommy is going to make me grilled cheese and soup and im starving! Toodles

Pose-.In The Moment.Families. ~ Mine @ Color me Cute September round

Outfit-~*Buglets*~ TD Ginny (comes with hud to change color of jean dress and shirt ) @ color me cute event September Round

Shoes- No longer for sale.

Apple Bucket-TTT – Apple Bobbing Tub (comes with animation to bob for apples)

Apple Sign- Gift no longer sold


Blowing Bubbles Llama Style

BlowingBubbles Edited

*Blows Bubbles and Giggles * Hi again… so i got bored and the sun was still out and mommy got me this new beach towel and bubble set and even this new cute music box but i got bubbles in it so i had to get the radio i hope she ain’t mad  I think she can fixes it i hope! Well here is where you can get all this amazing stuff to start with the beach towel is from Tiny Trinkets and it comes with amazing poses and the radio and drink are included on the towel it also comes with a resizer which is super nice for us small fry’s You can grab this at the new July round of Ninety-Nine  the Music box is from Tic Tot Toe and you can grab this at the Crystal Heart Event which is still going on so hurry up and go grab one there super cute and you can even hold it or rez it 😀 The amazing Bubbles i have going on right now is from the Ankle Biter Event which is Hud based event the Gatch this is from is Little Llama – Bubble Wands Gatcha you can win bubbles to wear or rez and bubble wands which you hold and bubbles come out there is so many to win it’s crazy and there all super duper adorable!

Time to Wake up and Play

Time to wake up let's go play

Hi Guys! Shhh he is sleeping only one way to wake him up is pour the cooler on him *giggles* you think he will be mad?? I might have to make a mad dash to the water before he gets me that’s for sure thank goodness I have my Life Jacket on I can’t swim It’s From Sprinkles and they come in all different colors to choose from it’s good for kids like me that don’t know how to swim yet . This amazing Cooler im pouring on Big D is from Tic Tot Toe’s Cool Down Coolers Gatcha its a common but still amazing you can win a can to drink or win the cooler you can holds next to you or do like me and pour it on someone *giggles* I think i might have to take off my new shoes before I run and head for the water they are from Boogers there called Sporty Sandals I’m wearing Berry color Cause i love Berry’s 😀  Okay well Im off to catch some waves and look at fish with my cute mask it’s from . tiptoes – Beachy Days – Lil Fishy Swim Mask – Ocean it works amazing you can see everything with it You can try to win one if you want just head on down this June round of the play room and play. Okay enough talk and oh noooo i think he felt the ice time to run see yah later!!!!

Napping Not Packing

Tiny Trinkets & Tic Tot Toe @ Color me Cute.jpg

So Camp is right around the corner and mommy said i needed to start packing but i have like two weeks to go why would i pack when i can eat chips and nap with my Kitty Smore’s

So like i said there was so much at Color me Cute and i wanted to show you guys more this outfit is from Tiny Trinkets Called…On Vacation Which maybe that’s why i used the new Rainbow pillow rare from Tic Tot Toe to take a nap also you can get this item at Color me cute.  I think I will tell Mommy no packing im on vacation see that is what my outfit is called so me needs to nap nap nap *giggles* Also I wanted to let you know The show’s im wearing are from Tiny Trinkets as well thease are at Limited 50 so that means you must go like ASAP! Before there all gone so hurry hurry go grab them they match so well with this outfit!!!!

Skate Park

Skate Park

So I’m Learning to Skate Board and it’s not easy. I keep Falling a lot so for now i’m just rolling back and forth on it and watching the bigger kids skate. It’s not as fun but at lest but butt is not as sore 😀 It also gives me time to eat my snacks i’m keeping them in my new pizza backpack cute right??? It’s from the new snack pack gatch from Tic Tot Toe at the Gatcha Garden what is so amazing about this backpack is when you wear it and bump into someone items pop out im linking a video for you to watch the  demo of how it works they did such a great job on thease and sooo many to collect 😀

What Do you call a Cow with no Legs?

Ground Beef 😀

What else i’m wearing:

Hair-Beusy: Lucid Hair & Cap [Natural]

Jeans-[F] 1998 Cuffed Washed Jeans [B] [Ripped] [Normal]

Sneakers-FLite.-Outsiders – Snake (gatch Item)

Shirt-~LaZo – Gypsy Top

Skin/Mouth- VCO– Pony

Glasses-SLX Outfit: Glitter – Glasses

Skateboard-[Bad Unicorn] Unicorn Skateboard (group gift)

Shape- Not for sale

Body- Cutebytes ~ToddleeDoo -BabyGirl